středa 11. ledna 2017

Fashion wishlist Stylewe

Hey guys,

I decided to have another article just in English because I have found it easier recently. I have been looking for some new clothes and I found a really cool website called where I found very beautiful clothes.

First of all, I looked for some Petite Maxi dresses because I am a very small person but I love maxi dresses and there I could choose a really nice ones because it is made for smaller people. I really love the ones that I chose because they are so colorful but on the other hand the white coler makes them so sweet.

The other style I was lookin for are the Sexy Party Dresses but not because I would want to look that way but in this category are fantastic and original dresses. I like especially this red dress because it is long enough and does not show up so much and it is still very sexy. So I would definitely give a thumb up for this dress.

This white dress is also sexy but also kind of elegant and I really like this combination. It has to look good on a tanned body. I also appretiate the material which looks so gorgeous I would really go for this one.

You should also see their Youtube channel because they have got lots of inspirative videos there so I can really recommend you to check it out and get some new ideas about what to wear on your special day or party.

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